AR, Magic & Early Cinema: Creators Project Guest Column

I was mega flattered to be invited to write a guest column for The Creators Project (a partnership with Intel and Vice). The topic? AR, but of course! In “The Magical Magic of Augmented Reality”, I draw parallels between AR, magic and early cinema, discussing the work of one of my creative heros, Georges Méliès.

Prior to becoming a filmmaker, and earning the title of ‘the father of special effects’, Méliès was first a stage magician; he used the newfound medium of cinema to extend magic into novel, seemingly impossible visualities. AR, too, is about creating impossible visualities. In some ways, we can consider AR to be a real-time stop-substitution that layers content dynamically atop the physical environment and creates virtual actualities with objects—shifting forms, appearing and disappearing—as Méliès first did in cinema.

Read the full article here and share your thoughts with me on Twitter. Send me a tweet and let’s discuss: @ARstories

A great big thank you to Bruce Sterling for blogging my article on!

*Update: Dec 8/11: I name Melies the ‘Patron Saint of AR’ in a follow-up article on The Creators Project celebrating Melies’ 150th birthday.

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