Upcoming Augmented Reality Talks: Sept & Oct ’12

I’m excited to announce a few upcoming talks at conferences I’ll be headlining in Sept & Oct.

There’s a wonderful momentum building in recognizing Augmented Reality as a new creative medium for storytelling and as an evangelist for the medium I’m thrilled to continue to help spread the good word. I’m honoured and humbled to be able to inspire these important conversations at this critical time in AR’s creative evolution. Care to blaze the trail with me? Hope to see you at an upcoming talk.

My next talk is Sept 13-14 at VOX: the 4D Summit in Long Beach, California aboard the decadent Queen Mary. I’m excited to be headlining with Blaise Aguera, creator of Photosynth and distinguished engineer at Microsoft, as well as Daniel Suarez, best-selling author of techno-thrillers Daemon and Kill-Decision, and Chris Hewish, Head of Global Interactive at Dreamworks. The invite-only event is presented by daqri and will focus on storytelling and user experience in AR.

I’ve had the great pleasure of giving talks around the world and on October 5th, I’m excited to bring it home to Toronto at OARN, Canada’s largest Augmented Reality conference. Wired’s Bruce Sterling will be giving the keynote, with myself and Gene Becker as featured speakers. My talk will address, “AR at the Cutting Edge — Where do we go from here?”. I will also be leading a separate panel on the topic in the morning. Register here (early bird until Sept 1st).

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