An Explorer’s Guide to Augmented Reality’s Creative Future

It was a great honour to speak at the Ontario Augmented Reality Network (OARN) 2012 conference today alongside sci-fi guru & contributing editor of Wired Magazine Bruce Sterling and Gene Becker from Samsung. The day was chockfull of wonderful presentations and critical conversations on advancing AR as a new medium.

I’ve had requests to share the ‘creative manifesto’ slides portion of my talk, “An Explorer’s Guide to Augmented Reality’s Creative Future”, and here they are, unicorn and all. This guide is intended as a source of inspiration to light a creative fire under our AR rockets as we navigate this new terrain. The term “AR unicorn” was also coined during this talk as a metaphor for an AR future we dare to imagine and made real intro a wondrous reality.

A big thank you to Kevin Kee & Karen Flindall for organizing a terrifically inspiring event and another warm thank you to the esteemed panelists and wonderfully engaging audience today! It was so great to bring it all home to Toronto; thank you for having me.

*Update: October 7: Bruce Sterling shared this great photo on Flickr he took of me in cyborg mode exercising my Terminator vision at OARN 😉

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  1. A new sense of wonderment. Thank you for this posting. I want to introduce my students to explore AU! Second Life was my first exposure to the concept. Teaching & speaking in SL has been an adventure!
    I found this blog via your featured Mainfesto @slideshare and though the outline fonts & kid pics made me (wince) err think too elementary I was won over by the ideas, whimsy and yes…the AR unicorn! I am particularly fascinated now by BREAKING THE SCREEN/FRAME. Now following you on Twitter & soon to Tweet this brilliant blog!
    ~Gwyneth Jones
    The Daring Librarian


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