AR: ‘So what?’

I’ll tell you what:

Augmented Reality (AR) is phenomenal and it’s no longer coming; it’s here. This emerging technology has the ability to change the way we see and interact with the real world, but who is defining this new form? Where will AR head and what will it become?

AR has traditionally belonged to the realm of Computer Science and in recent years it has begun to expand into Visual and Interactive Arts, Cinema, and Entertainment. We’ve also seen an AR explosion in marketing and advertising.

I’ve been working with this new technology in both commercial industry and academia as a designer, artist, Ph.D. researcher, consultant & international public speaker over the past 12 years exploring the creative possibilities of this medium, where the tactile meets the virtual. Throughout my M.A., Ph.D., and research at the Augmented Reality Lab, York University (Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Film) I have explored the theoretical alongside production, conceptualizing and building prototypes and creative projects.

So how do we drive and push this medium forth creatively?

Our answer resides in getting this technology into the hands of creative individuals who collaborate, play, and make.

Contact me and let’s make something amazing.

hello [at] augmentedstories [dot] com